If you've used Chat GPT or Gemini before to look for quotes in your text, you've likely experienced (maybe even without knowing) a lot of hallucinations.

This is when the AI makes up the answer for you and this is particularly common when asking an AI for quotes from a text.

At Art of Smart, we've worked hard to ensure that Artie only provides you with accurate quotes from your texts.

To do this, we've built a verification process where we check the quote before suggesting it to you.

At present, we've verified 150 texts (NSW HSC Prescribed Texts and other popular texts studied across Australia).

This verified texts will appear in a drop down selection as you input your text name in any of the fields 'English Text' fields.

If you try searching for a text and you receive the 'No results' found message, this means this text is not verified yet by Artie.

If you'd like us to add your text to our list to verify, simply send us an email :)