Your school may use tools like TurnitIn to check if your work is plagiarised.

Tools like Turnitin claim that they can identify if text has been AI generated and your school may rely on this in evaluating your work.

As a result there is a risk that if you use AI generated writing in your submissions, your school may identify it.

You should also be aware that extensive research has been conducted that revealed that:

"The available detection tools (including Turnitin and PlagiarismCheck) are neither accurate nor reliable."

This means that these detection tools may also product false positives.

This is where you have produced your own unique writing, however the AI checking tools still identify it as AI generated writing. 

Therefore there is also a risk that even if you write your entire essay without AI, the tools may still identify part of your writing as AI generated writing.

While AI writing cannot be detected reliably we always encourage you to:

  1. Check what your school's policy is in relation to using AI and follow it's guidance
  2. Work together with Artie to develop your own ideas and use the result as a base from which you then put it into your own words as you develop your essay (just like you would with a human tutor)

If you are interested in learning more about the state of AI detection, we recommend the following resources: