The answer to this is, 'It depends'...

It will depend on:

  1. What your school's policy is on AI and
  2. How you are using Artie

Your school might have given you specific instructions about what appropriate AI use is for a particular task or assessment. You should always first check that and follow its guidance.

Generally, what schools are concerned about is when you are submitting work that is completely written by AI. While technically not plagiarism (because no original work is being copied), the work is also not your original work.

The good news is that there are lots of ways you can use Artie that won't be considered to be breaching your school's AI usage policy including:

  • Learning about the context and authorial intent for your text
  • Finding quotes and explain quotes
  • Identifying the best literary techniques
  • Breaking down essay questions
  • Giving you prompts to help you continue your own writing
  • Generating ideas for your thesis statements, topic sentences and quote analysis
  • Cutting words and making your writing more succinct & polished

This is because, all of the above, are things that a human English tutor will also help you do.

If your school however has given you guidance that you cannot use AI generated writing, and you use a topic sentence, or thesis statement that Artie has completely generated for you, this may breach your school's AI policy because it will not be consider original to you.

As a result, we recommend always taking what Artie might suggest for you and use it as a starting point, where you then put it into your own words and build upon it further.