Artie has been trained to be a highly experienced English tutor drawing on over a decade of experience at Art of Smart Education helping thousands of students with English tutoring. 

Artie has extensive prompts that are almost 500,000 words long which is almost as long as ‘War and Peace’ by Leo Tolstoy, one of the longest novels ever written!

As a result, Artie will guide you through your essay writing step by step like having a real expert English tutor available 24-7. Other AI tools like Chat GPT don’t do this for you. 

Artie also has a very specific User Interface that’s been carefully designed specifically to help you write incredible essays - from writing thesis statements to quote analysis. Unlike other AI tools, Artie has been purpose-built for English tutoring and essay writing!

Other AI tools like Chat GPT, Gemini and Claude hallucinate a lot - this is when they create false information. For example, if you ask Chat GPT for quotes from your text, a significant number of these quotes are entirely made up. When you ask for quotes from your texts in Artie, you’ll be given quotes Artie has verified first to be 100% true! This way you’ll get more accurate and reliable information from Artie!

Finally, Artie has been trained for the HSC and its specific Modules so that it will provide you with highly Module-specific feedback.