There are two ways you can do this with Artie.

  1. Use Explore Context 
  2. Ask Artie about Authorial Purpose throughout any chat

[1] Use Explore Context

Step #1: Go to Explore Context in left hand side navigation menu.

Step #2: Select 'Explore Author's Intent'

Step #3: Input Your Text Name And Author

Step #4: Ask Artie any questions about the Author's Intent

[2] Ask Artie about Authorial Purpose in any chat

Step #1: Select the area of your essay you want to work on

This could be:

  • Finding or explaining quotes
  • Identifying techniques
  • Crafting thesis statements
  • Writing topic sentences
  • Analysing quotes

Step #2: Ask Artie about the author's intent or purpose

Step #3: Learn about the Author's Intent

Step #4: Ask Artie as many follow up questions as you like